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That's Right Friends Only!!! :)

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Comment here, went Friends Only to keep out the insane crazies, Im already crazy enough that I dont need D-R-A-M-A...so if you think we would get along...comment and tell me what we have in common and I will probably add you esp. if you are a SVU, Greys or House Fan :)
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small friends cut...

So i did a small friends cut...people who dont comment on my LJ or havent updated in like forever.....i know im an ass of a friend with commenting as of late -- ive been sick and so my head has been a mess lol -- who knew a nose could run SO much HAHA but I plan on being more on the ball now that my cold or whatever is finally going away.

If some of you are adding me because of my graphics please friend icons_of_random or adacaseynovak those are the 2 places I post my stuff.

anyways if you think you have been taken off in error comment here (I will screen all comments).
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friends cut

Yep I did a friends cut....either you never update or dont comment...I know a lot of people added me after the SVU friending meme but i have yet to see you comment/i dont read your LJ/you dont read my LJ...its nothing personal but it had to be done.

If you think I took you off in error comment here.
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SVU Filming and Meeting Mariska Hargitay!!

A friend of mine lives in SoHo, and she told me SVU was filming right on her street, so of course, after work, Shauna (lilprincess26 ) and i went. We thought oh hey we'll go watch them film for a bit. Well they were filming indoors so there wasnt much to see. BUT.. at dinner call, who came out right in front of us? Thats right! Adam Beach!! He was so much more handsome in person. He was being silly.. they had some pizza rolls and he says, very loudly I might add.. I LOVE TOSTINO PIZZA ROLLS!!... it was too cute. So after he was finished eating, I asked one of the handlers there if I could possibly get a pic with Adam since there was NOONE around watching the filming. She went over and asked him, he smiled and came over. I wanted to melt right then and there. He was like, Hi I'm Adam Beach! and shook my hand.. ohh it was so cool.. he was like want to take a picture?? duh!! so he posed with Shauna, then one with myself and one with our friend Jill.. he was so very nice! and short! hahahaa.. anyways he went back across the street, and a while later, this guy was standing by us. Lo and behold it was Mariska's bodyguard. He asked us if we wanted to meet Mariska too and I was like :O duh!! We had told him that we run Diane's website and he was like, I LOVE Diane, she's amazing! You tell her Tom the Security Guard says hi! i'm like :O and when Mariska came out he's like, call her over girls! I'm like, MARISKA! ....andddd she came over and we got pictures with her too! She was very very sweet in person. she's extremely friendly, she was laughing and she loved that i had a Fearlessness necklace on..  She is even MORE gorgeous in person...she stayed and chatted with us for a few mins and then she had to go see August =)  I thought it was nice of her to take time to take a picture with us, even tho she was on her way to see the baby. Anyways.. I am STILL stoked.. I cant believe I met both of them!

Check 'em out behind the cut!

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mini friends cut

I did a mini friends cut today, it was DEF. time to clean house...new layout...new header...it was time to clean out my f'list....if you feel like you were taken off in error you can comment here, all comments will be screened.

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Multi Fandom Icon Post

Multi-Fandom Icon post

[20] Clarissa Explains it All icons
[5] Daria Icons
[2] animated Golden Girls Banners
[1] Golden Girls non-animated banner
[5] Golden Girls icons
[4] Kelly Clarkson Icons
[18] Lizzie McGuire Icons


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check them all out see them all Here at icons_of_random my icon community! :)
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multi fandom icon post

Multi-Fandom icon post
[10] Chris Meloni in 1st and 10: Do it Again TV show
[5] Animated Golden Girls Icons
[9] Golden Girls Icons
[4] Designing Women icons
[2] Animated Designing Women Icons
[9] Stock Icons


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all can be found Here at my icon journal icons_of_random you all should join! lol

**ps guys i plan on doing a huge update post but things have been kinda crazy so for now you all get icons!! heheheheh enjoy**